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Black Women (December 21, 1987)
Guests: Pat Coleman-Burns, Lyn Lewis, Valerie Childs
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Trudy Gallant, Ed Gordon
Duration: 00:29:30
Description: This show details the plight of black women in the 1980's.
Guests include Dr. Lyn Lewis of the University of Detroit; Valerie Childs, cofounder and director of Single Mothers of Color; and Dr. Pat Coleman-Burns, of Wayne State University. Includes commentary from Susan Watson.

Black Women II (January 11, 1988)
Guests: Pat Coleman-Burns, Lyn Lewis, Garrett Payne, George N'Namdi
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Gallant Gordon
Duration: 00:28:28
Description: Continuation of discussion of the plight of the black woman.
Guests include Patricia Coleman-Burns, PhD, then of Wayne State University; Lyn Lewis, Dr. Lyn Lewis of the University of Detroit; psychologist Garrett Payne; and Dr. George N'Namdi, also a psychologist and now art dealer.

Afrocentrism (February 1991)
Guests: Arthur Carter, Lyn Lewis, James Jenkins, Larry Fishburne, Ann Eskridge
Host: Trudy Gallant
Producer : Carlota Almanza
Duration: 00:29:04
Description: This show is a review of black history month.
Guests include Dr. Arthur Carter, interim deputy superintendent of Detroit Public Schools; sociologist, Dr. Lyn Lewis of the University of Detroit Mercy; and writer Ann Eskridge. Clips contain statements from James Jenkins, the founder of Greystone International Jazz Museum; actor Larry Fishburne, best known for his role in the movie "The Matrix"; and the writers of the play "Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame", Flip Fraser and J.D. Douglas.
Racial Injustice: A Community Responds (1992)
Guests: Arthur Johnson, Diane Edgecomb, Adam Shakoor, Lyn Lewis, Richard Trice, David Simmons, Allen Zemmel, Leon Cohan, Paul Hubbard, Jobari Prempah, Maryann Mahaffey, Frank Hayden, John Telford, Norman Thomas, Gil Hill
Host: Cliff Russell
Producer : Carlota Almanza
Duration: 01:01:46
Description: A special about racial injustice made following the Rodney King verdict.
Black Man Come Home (June 7, 1996)
Guests: Lyn Lewis, Renee Lowe, Preston W. Smyth, Allen Martin
Host: Darryl Wood [bio]Darryl Wood hosted the show for ten years from 1988 to 1998 under the title American Black Journal. His shows focused on the skills and talents of many of the nation's leading African-American business people.

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Producer : Tony Mottley
Duration: 00:27:46
Description: This show is about the epidemic of single parent households among the black community.

Guests include Dr. Lyn Lewis, the chair of the sociology department at University of Detroit; clinical psychologist Renee Lowe, who works for Joy for Jesus, which helps urban youth to succeed and tries to have positive impacts on their families and communities; Preston W. Smyth, the associate pastor of Hope UMC and divorced father of three; and Allen Martin, substance abuse prevention coordinator for the city of Detroit and founder of 'Take Back Our City'.