PowerNomics Corporation of America

PowerNomics Corporation of America (October 27, 1995)
Duration: 00:27:46

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Themes: Literature and Language |

Guests: Claud Anderson, Kelvin Boston
Host : Darryl Wood [bio]Darryl Wood hosted the show for ten years from 1988 to 1998 under the title American Black Journal. His shows focused on the skills and talents of many of the nation's leading African-American business people.

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Producer : Tony Mottley

Summary: This show is an interview with Dr. Claud Anderson about the controversies surrounding his books. Dr. Anderson is the president of PowerNomics Corporation of America, a company aimed at making African Americans more self-sufficient and competitive. There is a short clip of Kelvin Boston, from the TV show "The Color of Money", between the interview with Dr. Anderson and footage of a speech given by him.