Colored People's Time 13

Colored People's Time 13 (January 22, 1969)
Duration: 01:01:47

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Themes: Musical Roots and Branches | Literature and Language | Sports and Entertainment | Poverty, Progress, and the Rise of African-American Businesses and Professionals |

Guests: The Contemporary Jazz Quintet, Eugene Eda, William Walker, The CPT Players, Kent Martin, Carmen Murphy, James Catchings, Joanne Robinson
Host : Tony Brown, Sandy Lawrence, Abe Ulmer
Producer : Tony Brown

Summary: This show features an investigative segment on the black middle class, a piece on black history, a performance by the CPT Players - led by Kent Martin, and dramatic poetry readings. Abe Ulmer delivers the news, and Sandy Lawrence provides a snapshot of Detroit's upcoming events in the Grapevine feature.

Guests include the Contemporary Jazz Quintet, a local group that will be recording a jazz blue note album; Chicago artists Eugene Eda and William Walker; and the CPT Players.