James Brown (clip 1)

James Brown (clip 1) (1978)
Duration: 00:00:00

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Themes: Musical Roots and Branches |

Guests: James Brown
Host : Ron Scott
Producer : Ron Scott
Associate Producer : Deborah Ray

Summary: Ron Scott and James Brown begin by talking about Brown’s early life, during which he worked extremely hard and only went as far as the seventh grade. Brown says that his early life taught him about the importance of working hard and gave him an appreciation for struggling to get somewhere, and Scott asks him what he says to youngsters that don’t know what that is like. Brown says that he makes them aware of their ignorance of this, and that they should understand that it exists.
They then go on to talk about “James Brown: Will of Love,” a new TV show that the entertainer will be producing. He discusses the importance of him being in charge of his own projects, rather than other people, and says that every artist should be able to project themselves. However, present-day conditions have brought about conditions where many artists do not take charge of their own careers.