Black Male/Female Relationships

Black Male/Female Relationships (January 25, 1993)
Duration: 00:27:46

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Themes: Education and Families | Sports and Entertainment |

Guests: Debra Crable, Darryl Roberts, Latricia Loftin, Rev. David Payton, Raymond Whitfield
Host : Cliff Russell
Producer : Tony Mottley

Summary: Host Cliff Russell talks with the Rev. David Payton, author of the play, "A Good Man Is Hard To Find," and Latricia Loftin, a promotions representative for the play, which had begun a run at the Music Hall in Detroit.

The play, which Payton based on the experiences of himself and his family, explores the conflicts that occur between black men and women and the way those conflicts reflect and shape the roles of men and women in black families. Their discussion of the play includes a videotaped portion of the production as well as comments phoned in by several people in the viewing audience.

The latter portion of the program is given over to videotaped interviews with filmmaker Darryl Roberts, the writer/director of "How You Like Me Now?" and two members of the cast, Debra Crable and Raymond Whitfield. The movie, which was about to open in Detroit, also explores relationships between black men and women.

The program is interesting - in light of the weightier 1986 programs - for its attention to a different perspective on the same issue. It also offers some insight into the creative expression of African American playwrights and filmmakers.