Bobby Seale (Clip 1)

Bobby Seale (Clip 1) (1978)
Duration: 00:01:45

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Themes: Education and Families | Leadership | Urban Challenges |

Guests: Bobby Seale
Host : Ron Scott
Producer : Ron Scott

Summary: Ron Scott is joined by Bobby Seale, a co-founder of the Black Panther party. Seale starts by discussing the changes that have occurred in the struggle and the movement, one change being that activists in the struggle have stopped attacking the system and found better ways to promote change. He discusses the Black Panther Party, and talks about how the civil and human rights aspect of the struggle did not leave blacks with a "practical, ideological goal objective." The result has been that many present-day blacks are not aware of what was done in the '60s nor are they familiar with the people involved and events that took place in that struggle.