Coal Strike (Clip 1)

Coal Strike (Clip 1) (1978)
Duration: 00:26:20

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Themes: Urban Challenges | Motor City and Motown |

Guests: John Huddleston, Mike Meares, Jane English, Wayne Busby, John Hutchinson, Len Gross, Burdette Crowe, Helen Huddleston, Alec Meiklejohn, Kathy Busby, Cecil Roberts
Host : Ron Scott
Producer : Ron Scott

Summary: Host Ron Scott interviews young coal miners Wayne Busby and Alec Meiklejohn. Busby explains possible reasons behind the length of the strike, and reiterates his beliefs that the union will be able to hold out longer. Meiklejohn comments on the lack of employment opportunities in the surrounding areas. Busby’s wife, Kathy voices her concerns over the dangerous working environment of the mines. She also states that she wouldn’t want her son to work in the mine. Another miner, Mike Meares, hopes that someday the mines will be run by the miners themselves, and would be able to make judgments and decisions of their own. Meiklejohn goes on to thank the support of the Auto Workers in Detroit, and draws the connection between the plights of both unions.