Fight for Life

Fight for Life (1983)
Duration: 00:50:31

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Themes: Leadership | Africa and African-Americans | Poverty, Progress, and the Rise of African-American Businesses and Professionals |

Guests: Arthur Carter, John Jacobs, Bernard Parker, Coleman Young, Bob Jones, James Woodruff, Marilyn French-Hubbard, Alexis Herman, Erma Henderson, Norton Berman, Mamoyn O. Medani, Dauda S. Kamara, Glenn Wash, Phillip Sims, George Davis, Clegg Watson, Carl Gregory, Haki Madhubuti, Jesse Jackson, Bill Atkins, L.R. Bryd, Walter Fauntroy, Jack Redline
Host : Jim Ingram
Producer : Deborah Ray

Summary: A special about economic issues faced by the African-American community.