1984 Year in Review

1984 Year in Review (1984)
Duration: 00:57:49

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Themes: Education and Families | Leadership | Musical Roots and Branches | Religion and Spiritual Life | Africa and African-Americans | Poverty, Progress, and the Rise of African-American Businesses and Professionals |

Guests: Fannie Tyler, Cecil Franklin, Robbie McCoy, Lamaurice Gardner, Shelly Boglin, Carol E. Pearson, Rosetta Hines, Dave Lawrence, Jeanne Findlater, Bill Flynn, Ben Johnson, Ron Milner, Jon Lockard, Dudley Randall, Harold Cruse, Vernon Jordan, Winston Lang, Benjamin Hooks, Haki Madhubuti, Joe Madison, Claud Young, Martha Jean Steinberg, Marion Terrell, S.L. Jones, Erma Franklin
Host : Ben Frazier
Producer : Alicia Nails, Ed Gordon

Summary: A yearly special with clips of topics covered during 1984, including the rise of androgynous fashion, black employees at newspapers, the importance of teaching black history in schools, the decrease of traditional families in the black community, and the death of Rev. C.L. Franklin.