CPT 1967 Detroit Riot

CPT 1967 Detroit Riot (1968)
Duration: 01:00:03

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Themes: Education and Families | Leadership | Sports and Entertainment | Africa and African-Americans | Urban Challenges |

Guests: Bill Murphy, Kim Weston, Hal McKinney, Gwen McKinney, George Kirby
Host : Tony Brown, Sandy Lawrence, Abe Ulmer
Producer : Tony Brown

Summary: The program covers community events, local news, a segment on the role of the public school system in the 1967 Detroit Riot, and a segment on Harriet Tubman. Includes musical acts such as Bill Murphy, the International Gospel Choir, Kim Weston, and a repeat of a previously shown performance by the Hal McKinney Quintet, as well as a performance by comedian George Kirby and two comedic "Free Your Mind!" sketches.