Millie Jackson

Millie Jackson (1978)
Duration: 00:28:40

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Themes: Musical Roots and Branches | Africa and African-Americans |

Guests: Mildred Jackson
Host : Ron Scott
Producer : Ron Scott
Associate Producer : Deborah Ray

Summary: The show opens with a 4 minute live performance of Millie Jackson singing "Sweet Music Man." Host Ron Scott interviews Jackson about her fan base and the monologues she intersperses in both her performances and recorded albums. Jackson reflects on performing in different venues including discos, concerts, and stage shows.

Millie Jackson discusses her visit to Kenya and how she prepared her for performances there. While in Kenya she gave a free benefit performance for people who could not afford the tickets at the scheduled events.

At the end of the show, Ron Scott draws Jackson out about the state of young people in society today (23:30). She mentions that kids are restless and want jobs, which they can't find.

Finally, Jackson also talks about women's liberation (24:30). "If a woman is doing the same job that a man is doing thnn she should be paid the same money that he is getting paid if she is doing the job equally as well," says Jackson. "At the same time, I don't plan on going into nobody’s army!"