Young Black Males and Isuthu

Young Black Males and Isuthu (March 27, 1989)
Duration: 00:28:05

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Themes: Education and Families | Urban Challenges |

Guests: Gordan Patton, Harold and Todd Upshaw, Wendell Anthony, LaGreta (voice only) Blake-Smith
Host : Trudy Gallant
Producer : James Jackson

Summary: This show is about rites of passage programs for black boys for a smooth transition into adulthood.
Guests include Gordan Patton, a counselor for the Isuthu program; Todd Upshaw, a current member of Isuthu; Harold Upshaw, Todd's father; and Reverend Wendell Anthony, pastor of Fellowship Chapel and developer of the Isuthu program. LaGreta Blake-Smith, a single parent, joins the conversation over the phone.