Africa, The Motherland

Africa, The Motherland (May 3, 1993)
Duration: 00:27:45

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Themes: Education and Families | Africa and African-Americans |

Guests: Asie Kabuki Ocansey, Nene Katey Ocansey I, Catherine (on phone) Blackwell, Cheryl Dove, Quill Pettway, Cheryl Riley, Jennifer Smith, Lizzy Ikeji
Host : Cliff Russell
Producer : Carlota Almanza

Summary: Wayne State University student Lizzy Ikeji, students Cheryl Dove, Quill Pettway, and Cheryl Riley, and African history expert Catherine Blackwell (on the phone) discuss the importance of educating Americans, and especially African-Americans, about African culture and history. Includes clips of a Ghanaian king visiting the Detroit Institute of Arts, an interview with Princess Asie Ocansey of Ghana and Isaac Hayes, and a video made by the Friends of Africa about an African dungeon where slaves were held.