Singing Musicale

Singing Musicale (1991)
Duration: 00:28:22

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Themes: Musical Roots and Branches |

Guests: Dick (past clip) Gregory, Carol Brantley, Larry Whitfield, Synovia Weatherspoon, Al Flood, Veronica Wilson, Les Morgan, Edwin Ross, Resurrection
Producer : Carlota Almanza

Summary: Christmas episode. Includes a clip from a past show (CPT) contemplating the meaning of Christmas, and multiple musical performances. This show starts off with a 1968 clip of Dick Gregory, a civil rights political activist, comedian, writer, and entrepreneur, explaining the meaning of Christmas. This is followed by performances from multiple gospel singers, including Carol Brantley, Larry Whitfield, Synovia Weatherspoon, Veronica Wilson, Les Morgan and Edwin Ross, and the group Resurrection. Al Flood, from the Wayne County Youth Home, showcases their Christmas tree.