Friends of African Art/King and Gold of Ghana

Friends of African Art/King and Gold of Ghana (February 3, 1992)
Duration: 00:28:49

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Themes: Africa and African-Americans |

Guests: Maurice D. Parrish, Laura R. Mosley, Judith Wyche, Ronald R. Dobbins
Host : Cliff Russell
Producer : Carlota Almanza

Summary: As part of February's Black History month, where the topic is African roots, this episode's focus is on the gold of Ghana. The show begins with footage from a Ghanaian king's visit to Detroit.

Guests include Maurice D. Parrish, deputy director of the Detroit Institute of Arts; Judith Wyche, the first vice chair of the Friends of African Art; Ronald R. Dobbins, the president of Omnicare; and Laura R. Mosley, of Friends of African Art.