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Civil Rights Civil Rights (January 15, 1992)
Guests: Ernest C. Dillard Sr
Host: Cliff Russell
Producer : Carlota Almanza
Duration: 00:26:36
Description: Russell is joined by Ernest C. Dillard, Jr., a local historian and projects manager with the UAW. He is the author of Civil Rights in the 1990s: Race at the Crossroads, and Russell starts by posing the question to him of what he means by "crossroads." Dillard believes that they are at a stage where there is the opportunity for potentially great progress, but only if they choose to do the right thing. In his book, Dillard says that blacks are on equal footing with whites legally, in terms of things such as voting rights, but there are new issues that need to be addressed. These legal rights were the result of actions such as Martin Luther King.