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CPT 1967 Detroit Riot (1968)
Guests: Bill Murphy, Kim Weston, Hal McKinney, Gwen McKinney, George Kirby
Host: Tony Brown, Sandy Lawrence, Abe Ulmer
Producer : Tony Brown
Duration: 01:00:03
Description: The program covers community events, local news, a segment on the role of the public school system in the 1967 Detroit Riot, and a segment on Harriet Tubman.
Colored People's Time 2 Colored People's Time 2 (October 23, 1968)
Guests: Stokely Carmichael, John Conyers, Wild Bill Davis, Harry Edwards, Inkster Community Choir, CLR James, John Lewis, Kent Martin, Hal McKinney, Martha Jean Steinberg, Rosalyn Russell, The Brothers of Soul, Lorenzo Wright, William Watson
Host: Tony Brown, Sandy Lawrence, Reginald Wilson
Producer : Gilbert Maddox, Tony Brown
Duration: 01:01:01
Description: This program from the fall of 1968 is interesting for a variety of reasons. It's wide-ranging content mix of news, music, fashion, theater and cultural commentary offers fascinating insight into the concerns and interests of Detroit's African American community of the period. In addition, it provides an enlightening example of local television production style in the late 1960s. Moreover, the program is remarkable for the number of cast and crew members who went on to notable careers in the mass media and academia.
CPT Episode 3 (October 30, 1968)
Guests: Hal McKinney, Gwen McKinney, Bill Murphy, Earl Grant, George Kirby, Horace Bradfield, Robert Tindal
Host: Sandy Lawrence, Abe Ulmer, Tony Brown
Producer : Tony Brown
Duration: 01:00:15
Description: The program covers community events, entertainment news, and the upcoming presidential election. Includes musical acts such as the Hal McKinney Quintet, Bill Murphy, Earl Grant, and Ernest Fowler and The Voices of Conquest, as well as a performance by comedian George Kirby.
CPT Episode 7 Part 2 (November 27, 1968)
Guests: None
Host: Abe Ulmer, Tony Brown, Sandy Lawrence
Producer : Tony Brown
Duration: 00:31:45
Description: Hosts Abe Ulmer, Tony Brown, and Sandy Lawrence discuss current events, fashion, makeup, and hair styling, and a segment about the life of Frederick Douglass.
Colored People's Time 13 (January 22, 1969)
Guests: The Contemporary Jazz Quintet, Eugene Eda, William Walker, The CPT Players, Kent Martin, Carmen Murphy, James Catchings, Joanne Robinson
Host: Tony Brown, Sandy Lawrence, Abe Ulmer
Producer : Tony Brown
Duration: 01:01:47
Description: This show features an investigative segment on the black middle class (00:11:12), a piece on black history, a performance by the CPT Players - led by Kent Martin, and dramatic poetry readings. Abe Ulmer delivers the news, and Sandy Lawrence provides a snapshot of Detroit's upcoming events in the Grapevine feature.

Guests include the Contemporary Jazz Quintet, a local group that will be recording a jazz blue note album (00:03:02-00:08:19); Chicago artists Eugene Eda and William Walker; and the CPT Players.