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Public Education: A Community Crisis (1983)
Guests: Arthur Jefferson, Helen Moore, Stuart Rankin, Marvin Green, John Elliott, Queen Lourdmon, Freddie Carter, Adrienne Bailey, William Pappas, Mary Futrell, Emeral Crosby, Donald Johnson, Patrick Drummond, Nancy Boykin, James Bannon, Mount V. Allen, Anita Poseu, Clara Rutherford
Host: Ben Frazier
Producer : Ed Gordon
Duration: 00:59:36
Description: This show is about how attitudes, goals, and values about public education have changed and how that effects schools.
Guests are Dr. Arthur Jefferson, the superintendent of Detroit Public Schools; Helen Moore, of Black Parents for Quality Education; Dr. Stuart Rankin, the deputy superintendent of Detroit Public Schools; Dr. Marvin Green, the assistant superintendent of curriculum development for Detroit Public Schools; John Elliott, the president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers; Mumford High School teacher, Queen Lourdmon; Northern High School teacher, Freddie Carter; Dr. Adrienne Bailey, the vice president of academic affairs, the college board; Clara Rutherford, the vice president of the Detroit Board of Education; William Pappas, OHM. Mich. H.S.; Mary Futrell, the president of the National Education Association; Dr. Emeral Crosby, the principal of Northern High School; Mumford High School senior class president, Donald Johnson; Northern High School counselor, Patrick Drummond; Nancy Boykin, the director of continuing education for girls; Deputy Chief James Bannon of the Detroit Police Department; Anita Poseu, a parent; and Mount V. Allen, the principal of Shulz Elementary School.
Upon This Rock (1983)
Guests: Charles Butler, Jim Holley, Imam Saleem Amir Rahman, Charles Adams, Woodrow Smith, John W. Peoples, James Robinson
Host: Ben Frazier
Producer : Juanita Anderson
Duration: 00:50:00
Description: This show looks at the black religious experience in America and Detroit. There are a few musical performances.
Guests include Reverend Charles Butler of New Calvary Baptist Church; Reverend Jim Holley of Little Rock Baptist Church; Imam Saleem Amir Rahman of Masjid Wali Muhammad; Reverend Charles Adams of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church; Bishop Woodrow Smith of Shrine of the Black Madonna; Councilman John W. Peoples, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church; and Father James Robinson of Blessed Sacrament Cathedral.
Black Teens (1984)
Guests: Claud Young, Martha Jean Steinberg, Marion Terrell, S.L. Jones, Erma Franklin, Robbie McCoy, Cecil Franklin, Fannie Tyler, Joel Bowman, Mark Tilles, Keith Binion, Kevin Binion, Jacqueline Tilles, Brandon Graham, Hazel Rucker, Nathaniel Rucker, LaMaurice Gardner, Shelly Boglin, Carol E. Pearson, Rosetta Hines, Rod Johnson, Mamie R. Wright, Brenda Mae Evans, Lawanda Fisher, Shawn Fisher, Sue Carol Fisher, Sarah A. Johnson, Cephaus Johnson, Cheryl Williams, Stacey Williams, Tenecia Gregory, Mary Wilks
Host: Ben Frazier
Producer : Alicia Nails, Ed Gordon, Njia Kai
Duration: 00:56:43
Description: A special about black teenagers, featuring segments about the death of Rev. C.L. Franklin, a charitable organization, the popularity of androgynous fashion, and a radio and television program created by high schoolers.
Reverend Franklin Reverend Franklin (1984)
Guests: C. L. Franklin, Claude Young, Martha Jean Steinberg, Erma Franklin, Robin McCoy, Fannie Tyler, The Royal Crusaders, S. L. Jones, Marlon Terrell
Host: Ben Frazier
Producer : Ed Gordon, Alicia Nails, Njia Kai
Duration: 00:53:00
Description: This hour-long program from 1984 is divided into four segments. Three of them deal with youth-related issues or programs, but the longest and most prominent of the four is a 20-minute tribute to the Rev. C.L. Franklin, one of Detroit's most prominent and influential ministers.