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Detroit's Homeless 1988 (January 25, 1988)
Guests: MaryAnne Mahaffey, Sonya Terry, Maureen Taylor
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Trudy Gallant, Ed Gordon
Duration: 00:31:55
Description: Host Ed Gordon and guests MaryAnne Mahaffey, Sonya Terry, and Maureen Taylor discuss Detroit's growing problem with homelessness and the perceived inadequate response from city officials.
Homeless 1991 (March 25, 1991)
Guests: John Engler, Otis Green, Maureen Taylor, Olivia Wilcox, Florida A & M Gospel Choir
Host: Trudy Gallant
Producer : Carlota Almanza
Duration: 00:28:46
Description: This show is about budget cuts in Michigan and how it is affecting the poor. The show starts with a statement from John Engler, governor of Michigan at the time; and ends with clips of A & M Gospel Choir.

Guests include Olivia Wilcox from the Coalition on Temporary Shelter; Sergeant Major Otis Green, bed and bread coordinator for the Salvation Army Harbor Light; Maureen Taylor, director of the community based restitution program; "Faith" of the Shepherd House, and some homeless people from the area that aren't named.