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Teen Gang Violence Teen Gang Violence (1985)
Guests: Hartford Smith, James Younger, Emeral Crosby
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Dianne Hudson
Duration: 00:57:31
Description: In this special, hour-long presentation from late 1985, host Ed Gordon explores the impact and causes of teen violence with a panel that includes a police official, a high school principal, a social work expert and a former teen gang member.

Teen Violence (November 3, 1986)
Guests: Elizabeth Hood, Charles Harper, Hartford Smith, Susan Watson
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Ed Gordon
Duration: 00:29:33
Description: This show is a discussion of teen violence in Detroit. It includes commentary by Susan Watson.

Guests include Dr. Elizabeth Hood from Wayne State University School of Education, psychologist Charles Harper, Professor Hartford Smith from Wayne State University School of Social Work, and the voice of "John", a former drug dealer.