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Boycotting and Civil Rights (1986)
Guests: Arthur Featherstone, Howard Simon, Joe Madison
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Dianne Atkinson Hudson
Duration: 00:29:21
Description: Host Ed Gordon and guests Arthur Featherstone, Howard Simon, and Joe Madison discuss whether boycotting is still an effective method of protesting for civil rights.
Dearborn Boycott 1986 Dearborn Boycott 1986 (1986)
Guests: Joe Madison, Howard Simon, Arthur Featherstone
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Tony Mottley
Duration: 00:29:23
Description: In 1986, a move by the Detroit suburb of Dearborn to restrict access to city parks sparked an intense controversy. Many saw this as a racist attempt to keep black Detroiters out of the predominantly white suburb. The Dearborn City Council's action prompted a legal challenge and opponents of the new ordinance organized a boycott of Dearborn businesses, particular the Fairlane Mall, which had been a very popular shopping center for black Detroiters.
Domestic Terrorism (May 12, 1995)
Guests: Beth Hawkins, Howard Simon, Juan Mateo, General Laney
Host: Darryl Wood [bio]Darryl Wood hosted the show for ten years from 1988 to 1998 under the title American Black Journal. His shows focused on the skills and talents of many of the nation's leading African-American business people.

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Producer : Tony Mottley
Duration: 00:27:45
Description: This show is about the terrorism bill, exploring questions such as how much power is too much and how likely another bombing like Oklahoma City bombing is.

Guests include Howard Simon, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan; General Laney, executive director of the Motor City Sportsman's Association; attorney Juan Mateo, who has handle several cases involving federal police misconduct; and Beth Hawkins, an investigative reporter for the Metro Times.