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Image Makers (1982)
Guests: Esther Rolle, Topper Carew, Kamal Amen Ra

Producer : Deborah Ray
Duration: 00:56:18
Description: This show is about the images people present of themselves, focusing on the guests, their beliefs, and how they present themselves to reflect those beliefs.

Guests include actress Esther Rolle (most famous for her roles in "Maude" and "Good Times"); Topper Carew, the president of Rainbow Television Workshop; and African drummer, Kamal Amen Ra.
Recorders Court (September 22, 1995)
Guests: Kim Worthy, Benjamin Blake, Esther Rolle
Host: Darryl Wood [bio]Darryl Wood hosted the show for ten years from 1988 to 1998 under the title American Black Journal. His shows focused on the skills and talents of many of the nation's leading African-American business people.

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Producer : Tony Mottley
Duration: 00:27:46
Description: This show is about abolition of recorders court and the merging of its docket with Wayne county circuit court. It also includes an interview with actress Esther Rolle (famous for her roles in the TV shows "Maude" and "Good Times"), and Darryl Wood's commentary on the death of Deletha Word. Deletha Word died after being beaten to death on a bridge in Detroit in front of a crowd of 40 people.
Guests are Judge Kim Worthy of the Recorders Court; and Chief of the Youth Offender Victims Services and Community Outreach for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, Benjamin Blake.