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Holiday 92 Music Jubilee (1992)
Guests: St. Anthony Angels, Andre Remus, Tramaine Fair, Veronica Wilson, Jonathan Walker, One in Christ, Carol Brantley, Al Fludd, Hugh Burrell
Host: Cliff Russell
Producer :
Duration: 00:27:27
Description: This show is a holiday music special. Guests include the children's choir, St. Anthony Angels; gospel singer, Andre Remus; eleven year old singer, songwriter, and musician, Tramaine Fair; gospel vocalist, Veronica Wilson; Jonathan Walker, the director of gospel group One in Christ, as well as the group itself; gospel vocalist, Carol Brantley; Al Fludd of the Wayne County Youth Home; and motivational singer, Hugh Burrell.

Holiday Show (1992)
Guests: St. Anthony's Angels, Andre Remus, Tramaine Fair, Veronica Wilson, One In Christ, Carol Brantley, Hugh Burrell, Al Fludd
Host: Cliff Russell
Producer : Carlota Almanza
Duration: 00:30:24
Description: Host Cliff Russell presents the 1992 Holiday Show.