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Louis Farrakhan Louis Farrakhan (1990)
Guests: Louis Farrakhan, Rasul Muhammad
Host: Trudy Gallant
Producer : Carlota Almanza
Duration: 00:29:22
Description: Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam has been an important and controversial leader in the African American community since the late 1970s. A powerfully charismatic speaker, he was the primary organizer of the Million Man March in 1995. While many African Americans found the Million Man March to be a deeply inspirational event, Farrakhan has also been sharply criticized for his organization's separatist ideas and for comments that many considered anti-Semitic.
Minister Rasul Muhammad (February 25, 1991)
Guests: Rasul Muhammad
Host: Trudy Gallant
Producer : Carlota Almanza
Duration: 00:28:54
Description: This show is an interview with Minister Rasul Muhammad, the Nation of Islam's local leader. Includes clips of a speech by Louis Farrakhan.
Politics Show (1992)
Guests: Jim Hall, Lenora Fulani, Rasul Muhammad
Host: Cliff Russell
Producer : Carlota Almanza
Duration: 00:27:41
Description: This show takes place at the capitol in Lansing and is about whether black people should support democrats or republicans.
Interviews are done with Jim Hall, the vice chairman of Michigan Republican Party; Dr. Lenora Fulani, an independent candidate for president; and Minister Rasul Muhammad of the Nation of Islam.
Nation of Islam (August 3, 1994)
Guests: Ajib Rashadeen, Rasul Muhammad
Host: Darryl Wood [bio]Darryl Wood hosted the show for ten years from 1988 to 1998 under the title American Black Journal. His shows focused on the skills and talents of many of the nation's leading African-American business people.

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Producer : Tony Mottley
Duration: 00:28:46
Description: This show is an effort to dispel myths about Islam.

Guests include Minister Rasul Muhammad and Minister Rashadeen Ajib, both ministers of separate local mosques.