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Public Education: A Community Crisis (1983)
Guests: Arthur Jefferson, Helen Moore, Stuart Rankin, Marvin Green, John Elliott, Queen Lourdmon, Freddie Carter, Adrienne Bailey, William Pappas, Mary Futrell, Emeral Crosby, Donald Johnson, Patrick Drummond, Nancy Boykin, James Bannon, Mount V. Allen, Anita Poseu, Clara Rutherford
Host: Ben Frazier
Producer : Ed Gordon
Duration: 00:59:36
Description: This show is about how attitudes, goals, and values about public education have changed and how that effects schools.
Guests are Dr. Arthur Jefferson, the superintendent of Detroit Public Schools; Helen Moore, of Black Parents for Quality Education; Dr. Stuart Rankin, the deputy superintendent of Detroit Public Schools; Dr. Marvin Green, the assistant superintendent of curriculum development for Detroit Public Schools; John Elliott, the president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers; Mumford High School teacher, Queen Lourdmon; Northern High School teacher, Freddie Carter; Dr. Adrienne Bailey, the vice president of academic affairs, the college board; Clara Rutherford, the vice president of the Detroit Board of Education; William Pappas, OHM. Mich. H.S.; Mary Futrell, the president of the National Education Association; Dr. Emeral Crosby, the principal of Northern High School; Mumford High School senior class president, Donald Johnson; Northern High School counselor, Patrick Drummond; Nancy Boykin, the director of continuing education for girls; Deputy Chief James Bannon of the Detroit Police Department; Anita Poseu, a parent; and Mount V. Allen, the principal of Shulz Elementary School.
Detroit Public Schools Superintendent (January 23, 1990)
Guests: Lawrence Patrick, John Elliot, Helen Moore
Host: Trudy Gallant
Producer : James Jackson
Duration: 00:30:06
Description: Host Trudy Gallant and guests Lawrence Patrick, John Elliot, and Helen Moore discuss the search for a new superintendent of the Detroit Public School System.
School Closings (June 18, 1990)
Guests: Frank Hayden, Gloria Cobbin, Nancy Mallett, Helen Moore
Host: Trudy Gallant
Producer : James Jackson
Duration: 00:27:45
Description: This show is about the closing of 16 schools in Detroit, and whether or not the quality of education will improve with this consolidation. Guests include Gloria Cobbin and Frank Hayden, both of the Detroit School Board; Nancy Mallett, of the Tappan School Community Organization; and Helen Moore, from Black Parents for Quality Education.