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Boycotting and Civil Rights (1986)
Guests: Arthur Featherstone, Howard Simon, Joe Madison
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Dianne Atkinson Hudson
Duration: 00:29:21
Description: Host Ed Gordon and guests Arthur Featherstone, Howard Simon, and Joe Madison discuss whether boycotting is still an effective method of protesting for civil rights.
Dearborn Boycott 1986 Dearborn Boycott 1986 (1986)
Guests: Joe Madison, Howard Simon, Arthur Featherstone
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Tony Mottley
Duration: 00:29:23
Description: In 1986, a move by the Detroit suburb of Dearborn to restrict access to city parks sparked an intense controversy. Many saw this as a racist attempt to keep black Detroiters out of the predominantly white suburb. The Dearborn City Council's action prompted a legal challenge and opponents of the new ordinance organized a boycott of Dearborn businesses, particular the Fairlane Mall, which had been a very popular shopping center for black Detroiters.
Joe Madison (December 22, 1986)
Guests: Joe Madison
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Trudy Gallant, Ed Gordon
Duration: 00:28:28
Description: This show is an interview with radio talk show host and activist Joe Madison about his proposal to start a new civil rights organization and his criticism of Coleman Young. It includes commentary by Susan Watson.
Racism (February 1, 1988)
Guests: Derwin Success, Keith Molin, Tracye Matthews, Joe Madison
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Ed Gordon, Trudy Gallant
Duration: 00:28:48
Description: This show is about growing racism problems in the area and nationally. It includes commentary by Susan Watson.

Guests are Dr. Derwin Success, whose home was recently defaced with racial slanders and threatening messages; Keith Molin, the director of communications for the University of Michigan which has been a site of on-going racial problems; Tracye Matthews of the United Coalition Against Racism; and Joe Madison, chairman of the Michigan Leadership Conference.
Black vs. African American (February 13, 1989)
Guests: Ali Mazrui, John Hendrik (voice only) Clarke, Ed Vaughn, Joe (voice only) Madison
Host: Trudy Gallant
Producer : James Jackson
Duration: 00:27:43
Description: Host Trudy Gallant and guests Ed Vaughn, Dr. Ali Mazrui, Dr. John Hendrik Clarke, and Joe Madison discuss the use of the term "African American".