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Colored People's Time 3 (1968)
Guests: Bill Murphy, Earl Grant, George Kirby, Ray Jenkins
Host: Tony Brown
Producer : Tony Brown
Duration: 01:00:51
Description: This show includes musical performances by Bill Murphy, Earl Grant, and Hal McKinny Quintet, features on the presidential election and politics, and an interview with George Kirby. Sandy Lawrence provides a snapshot of Detroit's upcoming events in the Grapevine feature. Abe Ulmer highlights news stories.
Slave Reparations Slave Reparations (1990)
Guests: Ray Jenkins, Christopher Alston
Host: Trudy Gallant
Producer : Tony Mottley
Duration: 00:27:31
Description: In early 1865, shortly before the end of the Civil War, General William T. Sherman began distributing parcels of land confiscated from Confederate supporters to former slaves along the coast of South Carolina and Georgia. He also loaned army mules to the former slaves to help them farm their newly acquired land.