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Rock, Radio, and Racism, part 2 (February 15, 1980)
Guests: Pat Holliday, Brian Sheffield, Larry Strauss, Fred Jacobs, Miller (voice only) London

Duration: 00:57:06
Description: This show looks at racism in the music industry, mostly focusing on Detroit radio stations.

Guests include Pat Holliday, radio personality from CKLW; Brian Sheffield, a manager and promoter; attorney Larry Strauss; Fred Jacobs, program director for WRIF; and over the phone Miller London, vice president of sales for Motown Records. There are also appearances by various other artists and radio personnel that are not named.
Rock, Radio, and Racism (1983)
Guests: Choker Campbell, Don Davis, Pat Holliday, Ken Lowery, Terry Fox, Ricky Rouse, Brian Sheffield, Larry Strauss, Doug Podell, Jim McFarlin, Fred Jacobs, W. Kim Heron, Niki Buzz, Joe Spencer, Paul Christy, The Electrifying Mojo
Host: Jim Ingram
Producer : Deborah Ray
Duration: 00:58:39
Description: Part 1 of a special about racial discrimination in the music industry, especially with rock music.