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Agenda 1987 (1987)
Guests: Erma Henderson, Jim Holly, Imam Talib Karim-Muhammad, Susan Watson
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Gallant-Gordon
Duration: 00:28:42
Description: Host Ed Gordon and guests Erma Henderson, Imam Talib Karim-Muhammed, and Rev. Jim Holly discuss issues that will be faced by Detroit's black community in the upcoming year.
Strategic Plan (November 23, 1987)
Guests: Erma Henderson, Arthur Johnson, Jim Holley
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Ed Gordon, Trudy Gallant
Duration: 00:28:26
Description: This show is about the Detroit Strategic Planning Project to try to better Detroit, and whether it may really have an impact. The show begins with an outtake from a speech by Walter McCarthy, the co-chairman of the Detroit Strategic Plan, and comments from Mayor Coleman Young.
Guests include Erma Henderson, president of the Detroit City Council, and executive committee member for the Detroit Strategic Plan; Dr. Arthur Johnson, the co-chairman of race relations for the Detroit Strategic Plan; and Reverend Jim Holley of Little Rock Baptist Church.
Erma Henderson Erma Henderson (1989)
Guests: Erma Henderson
Host: Trudy Gallant
Producer : Trudy Gallant
Duration: 00:28:49
Description: This program, originally broadcast in late 1989, consists of an interview by Trudy Gallant of Detroit City Council President Erma Henderson. At the time, Henderson was preparing to leave the council after her fourth term. Henderson, who was the first black woman elected to the council and the first black person to serve as the council's president, had passed up an opportunity to run for reelection to the council to make an unsuccessful bid to be elected mayor.
Business Tax Abatements (January 27, 1992)
Guests: Gill Hill, Erma Henderson, Anthony Adams, George Geller, Victor Long
Host: Cliff Russell
Producer : Carlota Almanza
Duration: 00:28:50
Description: This show is about whether business tax abatements are worth it, or if they should be eliminated. Much of the discussion focuses on the Pepsi bottling company that received a tax abatement, but did not hire as many workers as promised.

Guests include Gill Hill, pro tem president of Detroit City Council; Erma Henderson, the former Detroit City Council president; attorney Anthony Adams; by phone, attorney George Geller; and Victor Long, a former Pepsi worker and protester.