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Colored People's Time 2: Colored People's Time 2: "Free Your Mind" Public Service Announcement ("Two Selves") (October 23, 1968)
Guests: Tony Brown

Duration: 00:00:00
Description: One of the creative aspects of the show is the incorporation of "Public Service Announcements," that take a satirical look at Black identity. This "Free Your Mind" clip explores the complexity of integrating ones public and private identities. Essentially, at the heart of the message is the idea that Black Americans may feel that in order to succeed in the corporate America they must assimilate and either imitate or adapt Eurocentric characteristics. It is only in private, among family and friends, that the ethic identity can be fully embraced. The clip challenges viewers to question if the two selves can ever be fully reconciled and brought together. Thus achieving professional success while still being true to one's ethic identity.
Colored People's Time 5: Colored People's Time 5: "The Making of a Rioter" (October 23, 1968)
Guests: Tony Brown

Duration: 00:12:12
Description: This segment examines public education in Detroit. Highlighting the unsafe infrastructures, lack of adequate resources, and substandard curriculum inner city youth grappled with everyday. The staff reporters interviews students at Northeastern High School to gain insight into their thoughts about the situation. The interview reveals the students' frustration, anger and disillusionment with a system that has all but forgotten them. The students have staged a walkout and formed a Black Student organization to address their concerns.
Colored People's Time 5: Colored People's Time 5: "Free Your Mind" Public Service Announcement (Skin Lightening Cream) (November 14, 1968)
Guests: Tony Brown

Duration: 00:00:49
Description: One of the creative aspects of the show is the incorporation of "Public Service Announcements," that take a satirical look at Black identity. This "Free Your Mind" clip tackles the issues surrounding the use of beaching and whitening creams. Since the late 1800s Blacks who were unhappy with their skin complexion or thought they could change their social status by lighting their skin, engaged in the process of skin bleaching. Critics of the process argue that internalized racism and self-contempt have caused such individuals to accept degrading and negative images associated with Blackness, thus causing them to over identifying with Eurocentric standards of beauty. While skin whitening is one the most obvious forms of negating Blackness is discussions have also focused on hair styles, chemical process that are used to straighten hair, colored contacts, and cosmetic surgery that alters characteristically African features like the nose and lips. Skin bleaching creams are still sold and used today.
Tony Brown (1975)
Guests: Tony Brown, Nadine Brown
Host: Candy Shannon
Producer : Deborah Ray
Duration: 00:24:38
Description: This show from the mid-1970s is an interview with Tony Brown of Tony Brown Productions, Inc, who was the first host and producer of the show in 1968. He is also known as an author, educator, civil rights activist, radio host, and first and founding dean of the Howard University's School of Communications. The interview focuses on black presence in TV and "integration" of TV. The episode includes an "In My Opinion" segment with Nadine Brown.
Tony Brown (October 24, 1979)
Guests: Tony Brown
Host: Candy Shannon
Producer :
Duration: 00:21:45
Description: Host Candy Shannon and guest Tony Brown discuss the importance of black-focused media outlets and Brown's history with Detroit Black Journal.
1963 Civil Rights March (June 20, 1988)
Guests: William Ardrey, Edwina Pinson, Mel Ravitz, Maryann Mahaffey, Ken Cockrel, Ruby Turner, Nicholas Hood, William Anderson, James Del Rio, Tony Brown, Claud Young
Host: Trudy Gallant
Producer : Trudy Gallant, Carole Gibson
Duration: 00:28:10
Description: This show is about the march in Detroit with Martin Luther King Jr. 25 years earlier. There are clips of interviews with people who were there, including Reverend William Ardrey of St. Paul AME Zion Church; Reverend Edwina Pinson of West Side Unity Church; Mel Ravitz and Maryann Mahaffey from Detroit City Council; attorney Ken Cockrel; and Ruby Turner, former religion writer for Pittsburgh Courier.

Guests are Dr. Claud Young, president of the Michigan chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; councilman Nicholas Hood, who was active in the 1963 march; civil rights activist Dr. William Anderson; and by phone, Judge James Del Rio and Tony Brown, organizers of the 1963 march.
20th Anniversary Special (September 25, 1989)
Guests: Tony Brown, Gil Maddox, Abe Ulmer, Ron Scott, Juanita Anderson, George (voice only) Martin
Host: Trudy Gallant
Producer : James Jackson
Duration: 00:59:38
Description: This show is about the history of Detroit Black Journal, and is filled with clips from old shows.

Guests include the first host of the show, Tony Brown, Gil Maddox, who originally wrote the proposal for the show, Abe Ulmer, another host of CPT, Juanita Anderson, former executive producer of DBJ, Ron Scott, former producer and host of DBJ, and George Martin, who worked on CPT and DBJ.
A Celebration of Pride (1998)
Guests: Tony Brown, Abe Ulmer
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer :
Duration: 00:51:37
Description: A special for DBJ's 30th anniversary about the show's history, featuring clips from previous episodes.