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Colored People's Time 5 Colored People's Time 5 (November 14, 1968)
Guests: International Gospel Choir, Black Students Association, Arthur Ashe Jr, George Kirby, Bill Murphy, Gwen McKinney, Kim Weston, Marcus Belgrave, Thomas Bowles, Diane Carol, Hal McKinney
Host: Tony Brown
Producer : Gilbert Maddox, Tony Brown
Duration: 56:53:09
Description: The program opens with Hal McKinney's jazz band performing "Freedom Jazz Dance," featuring Hal and Gwen McKinney on vocals. Although they are not individually credited, it appears that at least two prominent jazz musicians, trumpeter Marcus Belgrave and saxophonist Thomas "Beans" Bowles, are members of McKinney's band...
Vanity Ballroom Homecoming (1982)
Guests: Howard Armstrong, Alberta Adams, Eddie Burns, Kenneth Hagood, LaMonte Hamilton, Dave Wilborn, Thomas Bowles, Ivy Jo Hunter, Norma Jean Bell, Roy Brooks, Kafi Patrice Nassoma
Host: Harold McKinney
Producer : Deborah Ray
Duration: 00:52:32
Description: Harold McKinney discusses the history of the Vanity Ballroom in Detroit.
Motown Records (February 2, 1987)
Guests: Earl Van Dyke, Thomas Bowles
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Ed Gordon
Duration: 00:29:09
Description: This show is about motown records. Guests include Earl Van Dyke, a keyboardist for Motown Records' in-house Funk Brothers band and for other famous performers (Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, etc), as well as a soloist; and Thomas Bowles, a Motown saxophonist and leader of the Swinging Dashikis, a band that played back up for Motown acts.