James Brown (clip 1)

James Brown (clip 1) (1978)
Duration: 00:00:00

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Themes: Musical Roots and Branches |

Guests: James Brown
Host : Ron Scott
Producer : Ron Scott
Associate Producer : Deborah Ray

Summary: They then go on to talk about “James Brown: Will of Love,” a new TV show that the entertainer will be producing. He discusses the importance of him being in charge of his own projects, rather than other people, and says that every artist should be able to project themselves. However, present-day conditions have brought about conditions where many artists do not take charge of their own careers.
Brown and Scott also discuss how, during the beginning of when Brown brought back disco, he bought up radio stations and played the music that he thought people should hear. This was quite revolutionary at the time. He says we should accept all people and appreciate humanity together. Scott then follows this by asking him if different races are coming together or growing apart, and Brown says that the conditions are a repeat of the times of slavery and segregation, and they will get worse if people do not take action.
They go back to talking about the television show, and Scott asks whether Brown believes ending up on television will compromise his career. Brown says that he is worried to a certain extent, but says that he and everybody else just wants to do better in their lives. He says he can only succeed as far as possible with his talent and seventh-grade education, and he will try to do so. Brown also stresses the importance of “mind power,” and having a strong sense of self and god.
The two of them also talk about the new movie that Brown made, which is a documentary as well as an entertainment piece. Scott also asks how Brown managed to turn himself into such a great entertainer. Brown says he took the opportunity he was given and made the most of it, and says that he owes it to all people to work hard and continue entertaining. He says that his struggle to receive deserved recognition that he has not yet gotten, as well as the public, motivates him to keep going. He also talks about how the black struggle is not over, and that they need to make use of their education and wealth to improve conditions for blacks.
Brown finishes by saying that all people have given him a chance to live “five times, and they didn’t get a chance to live one time,” and he hopes that can then live even longer past him. He thanks them sincerely.
Scott then goes on to preview some of the upcoming events that will be occurring over the last six weeks of the season with American Black Journal. Such things include the Grail Galaxy, a music group and the assassination of Malcolm X.