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Black Relationships II Black Relationships II (1986)
Guests: Dr. LaMaurice Gardner, Dr. Rosalind Griffin, Susan Watson
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Tony Mottley
Duration: 00:28:34
Description: In late 1986, several months after Detroit Black Journal first addressed the state of relationships between black men and women, an outpouring of viewer interest prompted host Ed Gordon to return to the topic with the help of two Detroit area psychiatrists.

White Power White Power (1986)
Guests: Ted (no last name), Paul (no last name), Susan Watson
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Tony Mottley
Duration: 00:28:46
Description: In this provocative program from about 1986, host Ed Gordon, interviews two members of the Security Service Action Group about their white-separatist beliefs. The two men - identified only as Ted and Paul - are wearing black military-style uniforms that are starkly reminiscent of Nazi Germany, complete with red-and-black swastika armbands.
Marie Farrell Donaldson Marie Farrell Donaldson (June 1986)
Guests: Marie Farrell-Donaldson, Susan Watson
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Tony Mottley
Duration: 00:28:39
Description: This program from June of 1986 features an interview with Detroit Ombudsman Marie Farrell-Donaldson, whose office is charged with helping citizens navigate the city's bureaucracy and help them resolve problems with city services and agencies.
Black Reporters Black Reporters (June 9, 1986)
Guests: Bill Black, Chauncey Bailey, Emery King, Susan Watson
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Dianne Atkinson Hudson
Duration: 00:28:24
Description: This program from June 1986 is a fascinating look at the intersection of race and media in the mid 1980s. Host Ed Gordon begins by playing a clip from the previous week's program in which Detroit Mayor Coleman Young criticizes news coverage in the city as unfair and racially biased.
Teen Violence (November 3, 1986)
Guests: Elizabeth Hood, Charles Harper, Hartford Smith, Susan Watson
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Ed Gordon
Duration: 00:29:33
Description: This show is a discussion of teen violence in Detroit. It includes commentary by Susan Watson.

Guests include Dr. Elizabeth Hood from Wayne State University School of Education, psychologist Charles Harper, Professor Hartford Smith from Wayne State University School of Social Work, and the voice of "John", a former drug dealer.
Teen Violence with Susan Watson (November 24, 1986)
Guests: Susan Watson, Thelma Curtis, Luvinia Hilson
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Ed Gordon, Trudy Gallant
Duration: 00:30:24
Description: This show focuses on coming up with solutions for teen violence in Detroit.
Guests include Susan Watson, writer for the Detroit Free Press; and Thelma Curtis and Luvinia Hilson, women whose sons was killed by teen violence.
Agenda 1987 (1987)
Guests: Erma Henderson, Jim Holly, Imam Talib Karim-Muhammad, Susan Watson
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Gallant-Gordon
Duration: 00:28:42
Description: Host Ed Gordon and guests Erma Henderson, Imam Talib Karim-Muhammed, and Rev. Jim Holly discuss issues that will be faced by Detroit's black community in the upcoming year.
Psychological Slavery Psychological Slavery (1987)
Guests: Dr. Robert Newby, Dr. Tyrone Tilory, Susan Watson
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Tony Mottley
Duration: 00:28:47
Description: In this program from 1987, host Ed Gordon engages in a fascinating discussion of African American psychology with two faculty members from Wayne State University: history professor Dr. Tyrone Tilory, and sociology professor Dr. Robert Newby.

AIDS (March 30, 1987)
Guests: Melinda Love, Scott Walton, Susan Watson
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Ed Gordon, Trudy Gallant
Duration: 00:30:32
Description: This show examines the incidence of AIDS in black Americans.

Guests include Dr. Melinda Love from the Detroit Board of Health; Scott Walton, the executive director of the Wellness Network; and Grace, a woman with AIDS who shares her story over the phone. Followed by commentary from Susan Watson.
Blacks and the Constitution (June 15, 1987)
Guests: Dennis Archer, Harold Norris, Avern Cohn, Charles Wright, Susan Watson
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Trudy Gallant, Ed Gordon
Duration: 00:26:29
Description: This show is about the relevance of the constitution to blacks because they were still in slavery at the time it was written. Includes commentary by Susan Watson.

Guests are Dennis Archer, then a Michigan Supreme Court Justice; the founder of the Museum of African American History, Dr. Charles Wright; Professor Harold Norris from the Detroit College of Law; and Judge Avern Cohn of the U.S. District Court.
Airplane Pyramid Scheme (June 27, 1988)
Guests: Susan Watson, Richard Smart, Robert McTyre
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Ed Gordon, Trudy Gallant
Duration: 00:28:19
Description: This show is about the pyramid operation that was exclusively black, and whether that's the only reason it gained so much attention.

Guests include Richard Smart, the assistant deputy attorney general for Detroit; Detroit Free Press columnist Susan Watson, who wrote an article about the situation and has been receiving hate mail and threats because of it; and Robert McTyre of the Michigan Chronicle.
20 Years (1989)
Guests: Gloria Cobbin, Richard Headlee, Ron Brown, Susan Watson
Host: Trudy Gallant
Producer : James Jackson
Duration: 0:57:38
Description: The first half is clips of segments from different shows from the past 20 years. In the second half, host Trudy Gallant and guests Gloria Cobbin, Richard Headlee, and Ron Brown discuss upcoming elections, including proposals regarding school funding.
Susan Watson Commentary (1989)
Guests: Susan Watson
Producer :
Duration: 00:02:14
Description: Commentary by Susan Watson about the importance of standing up for yourself.
Highlights of Mandela's Visit Highlights of Mandela's Visit (1990)
Guests: Margaret Baylor, Paul Hubbard, Susan Watson, Nelson Mandela, Emery King
Host: Trudy Gallant
Producer : Gerald Smith, James Jackson, Trudy Gallant
Duration: 00:53:01
Description: Nelson Mandela made a triumphal visit to the United States in June 1990, after his release from twenty-seven years' imprisonment in South Africa. It was a visit that brought a tremendous outpouring of emotion at every stop, especially, but not exclusively, from African Americans.