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Our Images, Our History, Ourselves (February 15, 1980)
Guests: Dick Gregory, George Ware, Archie Shepp, Steve Copher, Charleszetta Waddles

Duration: 00:47:47
Description: This show is about how images of black people are portrayed and perceived, and African/African American history. It isn't the normal format of the show, it is just a series of clips, including some from old shows. There are no formal guests, and only a handful of the people that speak are actually named.
Dick Gregory Dick Gregory (1981)
Guests: Dick Gregory, Barbra Tracey
Host: Paul Clements
Producer : Deborah Ray
Duration: 00:29:16
Description: This program from 1981 is an unusual example of the range of programs represented in the Detroit Black Journal series. Less polished and focused than many of the other programs in the series, it nevertheless confronts a serious issue - the Atlanta Child Killings - that was of intense interest to African Americans, at the time.