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Colored People's Time 13 Colored People's Time 13 (January 22, 1969)
Guests: Inkster Community Choir, Lorenzo Wright, The Brothers of Soul, Stokely Carmichael, John Lewis, John Conyers, David Bing, Davis, Martha Jean Steinberg, Marcus Belgrave, Thomas Bowles, Carmen Murphy
Host: Tony Brown
Producer : Gilbert Maddox, Tony Brown
Duration: 01:01:04
Description: This program from the fall of 1968 is interesting for a variety of reasons. It's wide-ranging content mix of news, music, fashion, theater and cultural commentary offers fascinating insight into the concerns and interests of Detroit's African American community of the period. In addition, it provides an enlightening example of local television production style in the late 1960s. Moreover, the program is remarkable for the number of cast and crew members who went on to notable careers in the mass media and academia.
Dave Bing and Earl Graves Dave Bing and Earl Graves (1986)
Guests: David Bing, Earl Graves
Host: Ed Gordon
Producer : Dianne Atkinson-Hudson
Duration: 00:29:01
Description: The search for economic autonomy and self-determination has long been an important concern in the African American community. This 1986 program explores the state of that search through a discussion between host Ed Gordon and two prominent African American businessmen: Earl Graves, editor and publisher of Black Enterprise Magazine, and Dave Bing, president of Bing Steel and a former member of the Detroit Pistons.